Classic Hot Buttered Cheerios March 18, 2016 by Abby March 18 2016

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WHAT?! HOT BUTTERED CHEERIOS?!  I had never heard of these until I Googled “Cheerio Recipes”.  I was looking up Cheerio recipes because my super awesome cousin is sending me a belated birthday gift.  (She better know that she didn’t have to do it.)

Look at it!  Isn’t it the perfect MOM TANK?!  This tank is on pre order right now at NBT Threads.

So being the complete weirdo that I am, I tried to find a cool recipe to honor my tank! LOL!  That makes sense, right?!  ?

Have I mentioned that, at the moment, I raise 2 toddlers in a fifth wheel travel trailer?

I lose my Cheerios… FROM TIME TO TIME.  This is perfect for me.

Anyway Betty Crocker says to “Revisit the ‘80s with three new sweet and savory spins on Hot Buttered Cheerios, a classic throwback snack.”  The link that is connected has three different versions of Hot Buttered Cheerios.  We tried the classic version last night!


Classic Hot Buttered O’s Recipe
Stovetop method: Melt ¼ cup butter in a 10-inch skillet. Stir in 4 cups Cheerios; cook and stir 2 to 3 minutes or until cereal is well coated. Sprinkle with salt.

We even used our cast iron skillet!  You can see a helping hand in the picture!


THE VERDICT IS OUT: Hot Buttered Cheerios are GOOD!


My little ones really enjoyed this.  It reminded me of popcorn, in a way.  I definitely want to try the Mini Doughnut and Apple Pie Hot Buttered Cheerios!

Hang in there, MOM!  Try not to lose your Cheerios today! :)


15 Tees For That #Momlife February 14 2016

Style in #momlife is hard, especially when you’re rocking spit up covered yoga pants and day old unbrushed teeth while munching on goldfish you’ve smuggled during nap time. Step up your #momlife wardrobe with ease wearing these amazing, comfy tees!

13. Fatigued & Fabulous #momlife Tee @nbtthreads

@nbtthreads / Via  

Couldn’t say it any better! Moms are always fabulously tired..
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Best Toddler & Kids Shirt Compilation January 21 2016

Best Toddler & Kids Shirt Compilation

12 Days of Nerdy Entrepreneurs – NBT Threads January 21 2016

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Small Business Spotlight: NBT Threads December 26 2015

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

This Whole Mommy Thing:

There's always something to be said about a mama run business that creates loveable, wearable, super rad apparel for the entire family. There's even more to be said about the business when some of their tees include one that says "I'm a me".

I stumbled upon NBT Threads through Instagram when I was pregnant with Jackson. I had seen them featured on another page and they had a shirt design that said "Mom Boss, Mama Bear, Ah-mazin Wifey & Gorgeous Hair #howdoesshedoit".
I'm still kicking myself for not ordering it before it was gone.
NBT Threads has since become one of my favorite small apparel businesses. Designing Magical Wishes shirts for the whole family (PERFECT for a Disney trip!), they've got other collections of rad items for everyone, too. 
My current favorite is their superhero themed tees and tanks. I have the women's tank and I call it the ultimate boy-mom shirt! They also recently did a Star Wars themed collection that may need to find it's way into my home....
Recently featured in this BuzzFeed article, 20 All Too Real Shirts Moms Need In Their Lives, it's evident I'm not the only mama who majorly loves NBT Threads. This is a business that creates quintessential apparel for the family. And if you don't own at least one of their items yet, I'd be willing to bet that something from their site ends up in your closet (or your kids closet) soon.
NBT Threads has also been generous enough to offer an exclusive discount for This Whole Mommy Thing readers! Just enter this code at checkout for 15% off :)

You can check out NBT Threads on their website, Instagram and Facebook. Oh, and?!? They send a little bag of baby gummy bears with every order. Rad :)
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20 All Too Real Shirts Moms Need In Their Lives July 23 2015

Coffee, carpool, cocktails, repeat.

Sneak-Peak September 01 2014

Hi Friends,

We are getting the shop built and are excited to launch a sneak-peak today on Labor Day, as our littlest man cub has finally arrived and we are just smitten! Being a mom of 3 now is certainly a whole new adventure but everyday I try to be the best mom I can be in my 'mombie' state of mind...sleep is overrated right?! At least, that's what I have been telling myself. We are blessed to have welcomed our little guy on August 18th and look forward to launching the full site very soon, enjoy the sneak-peak today friends!

Live, Life...Happy.


The Next Big Thing August 11 2014

Hi Friends,

Here's the scoop...this Mama is proud to bring you a newly designed and branded online store that has all of our amazing mom brands in one easy to use shop! We are so proud to partner with such inspirational and talented moms that have created unique, fresh and RAD apparel for your trendsetter Kidsters. As a mom of 3 boys (one bun in the oven) follow @swoonmyboys, I only believe in carrying the highest quality lines that I would put on my own kids. I want to also thank all of you that have supported me and allowed for me to continue on, into this new venture. NBT Threads is bringing you all the 'Next Big Thing' I'm a mom with moxie and believe in never-giving up. I have a passion for life and a passion for helping others. I live by this quote, “Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain.” -Vivian Greene

Live, Life...Happy.