My E-Learning Truth

As I sit here at my make shift desk on top of a book shelf in our newly created home classroom I stare at the Eat, Sleep, Teach, Repeat sign from @karterdesigns and think wow, this is really happening. I am a full-time mother and teacher now and this is our new reality for 2020. I think when this whole entire Covid-19 / Coronavirus / Quarantine thing hit back in March 2020 we kind of all thought this time would pass but as the months go on and the days get longer and now school is back in session and fall is around the corner, it appears that this will continue and we shall embrace the chaos of e-learning and our new way of living. 

I am a mother of three boys and this year I have Kindergarten, 2nd Grade and 4th grade student in my classroom. We have three desks set-up in our front family room that we basically never used and three zoom calls doing on at one time and I have an alarm set at 11:45am to prep their lunch. While they are in class via zoom, I run around the house doing my motherly tasks of laundry, tiding up, making beds, meal prepping, cleaning and I hear "MOM" about a thousand times a day to come assist my students with their daily class tasks. I am by no way am complaining and in fact, I actually have grown to love this new routine. But, as I am sure 100% of all parents, caregivers, whom ever is managing this e-learning agrees, it's not easy. 

Many of us are managing a full time job, more than one child to assist, homes to run, deadlines to make, trying to find time to get a workout in so that our brains stay sane. Many of us gained the quarantine 15 + and partake in driveway drinking more than we would like to admit. We don't get date nights anymore and many of us lost the option for having a babysitter or nanny or help from family members if they are elderly etc. We've cried several times, I am speaking for myself as well. But, can you think of all the positive things that have come out of this crazy time. 

We have grown as a family. We have embraced being together 24/7, we get out and explore the world around us more than before (of course with proper social distancing, sanitizer and a mask on). We have been more creative with our family activities (water balloon baseball, nerf fun capture the flag and more!) 

The biggest thing I do try to remind myself of is ... when will you ever get this time back? When will you have your entire family together 24/7, all the cuddles and conversations and memories that you have gained during this quarantine are truly special. Yes, it's not easy and we all have wanted to pull our hair out more than a few times but in the end of the day, we get to see first hand what our kids or learning, we get to step in when we see areas in which they may need additional support and we as their parents can become their teachers and play a larger role in their education. As a teacher myself, I really have enjoyed this and I will honestly be sad when they return. I love how they can just look over to share something with me, or call me over for some support when, and I can just give them a smile or thumbs up to check in with them on how their day is going. 

It is certainly not perfect and wine helps but, I have to admit this e-learning is growing on me. Remember moms, you are NOT ALONE. My daily dose of Marco Polo chats with my besties is my therapy through this all. It's our safe place to vent or share our thoughts. We got this, cheers to all of the amazing teachers, the adaptable students and mamas who are managing e-learning, we got this!